Farmers World & Agora


Farmers World & Agora are the core companies in Malawi with Agora’s rural shops covering the Southern part of the country, complemented by Farmers World with its network in the Central & Northern regions.

Originally established to distribute fertilizer to the smallholder farmer, the current network of 120 depots has developed into one-stop shops providing farmers with all their day-to-day needs in addition to a complete range of fertilizers. From salt, flour, sugar and cooking oil to steel products, cement and roofing sheets – whilst at the same time providing the farmer with his main means of transport, the bicycle which, incidentally, is also assembled in Malawi by one of the group companies.

These rural shops also facilitate the 2-way trade with the smallholder, enabling the company to buy the farmer’s maize, soya beans, groundnuts and other crops for distribution to commercial buyers in Malawi and for export.

In order to support this rural network, the group has extensive warehousing located in the main commercial centres of Blantyre, Lilongwe, Kasungu & Mzuzu.

In a clear demonstration of its intention of developing its value-added chain, Farmers World has recently invested in extensive silo capacity in Lilongwe to further facilitate its growing bulk agricultural commodity business. And with its new investment in a large-scale maize mill, Farmers World completes its input cycle from the provision of fertilizer and seed to the farmer to purchasing his crop at the farm gate, collecting and storing and, finally, processing to complete the food-chain.